a reflection on 26 years of life

September 21, 2007 at 10:40 pm (Christian life, Personal) (, , , )

as i write this i am 29 years old. every year, i wonder what the big deal about aging is. here’s a poetic reflection i wrote a few years ago:
although i don’t have much silver on my head
although only 26 years have passed
although not many books i have read
and not many memories live in my past

still there are some things i’ve learned
still there is some truths discerned

many mistakes have i made while walking on this earth
several regrets in my life that make me hang my head
sad to say the problem began as early as my birth
i did not want my parents’ way but my own instead

so now i see the only way for a child to live
is to hallow that little life and glory to Christ give

regretfully this pattern continued as a growing man
i forsook my holy heritage and God’s perfect plan
but i saw the only way for a young man to live
is to hallow his precious life and glory to Christ give

now God has graced me with a wonderful life
a child, a church, my friends, my wife
i am sure -haven’t a doubt -the only way to live
is to give them all back -his precious gifts -glory to Christ give

i know not what lies ahead
although my future is certain
but when they lay my body with the dead
when i’ve passed on through the curtain

i’m sure i’ll say then, as i do now
though i am not exactly sure how
the only way for a man to live
the only goodness there is to give
is to joyfully give up all of his rights
and make his sole aim to glorify Christ

“but even the hairs of your head are all numbered” -Jesus


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